Lecturers & Topics

Final list of lecturers (and topics):

1.   M. ONORATO, Università di Torino: Application of wave turbulence theory to the FPU system
2.    Ph. RUSSELL, Max Planck Institute, Erlangen, Germany: Complex wave mixing in optical fibers
3.    D. RICHARDSON, ORC, Southampton, U.K.: Mode division multiplexed optical transmission / Optical communication at two microns
4.    F. WISE, Cornell University, Ithaca N.Y., U.S.: Spatio temporal pulse propagation in multimode fibers
5.    S. BARLAND, Institut Non Linéaire de Nice, Valbonne, France: Temporal localized states in semiconductors (I): from spatially extended to delayed systems
6.   A.B. ACEVES, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA: Multicolor filaments and vortex states
7.    S. COEN, University of Auckland, New Zealand: cavities/supercontinuum
8.   R. MORANDOTTI, Montreal, Canada: THz optics/Photonic circuits for optical signal processing
9.   S. DROULIAS, FORTH-IESL, Heraklion, Greece: Photonic crystal lasers and loss compensation in metamaterials
10. C. DE ANGELIS, Brescia University, Italy: Photonic devices with two dimensional materials
11. D. SKRYABIN, University of Bath, UK: Polariton solitons
12. D. CHURKIN, Aston University, Aston, UK: Periodicity and localised light structure in intensity spatio-temporal dynamics of fibre lasers
13. M. GIUDICI, Institut Non Linéaire de Nice, Valbonne, France: Temporal localized states in semiconductors (II): from mode locking to localized pulses